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Seeking the best local craft food/beverage/merchant in two areas of KC's vibrant downtown; surrounded by thousands of residents, creatives, and urban vibe.

Intentionally Epoch

Epoch: ep·och ˈepək/ describing the beginning of a distinctive period in history.  KC's time is now!

Epoch's team has a long legacy in KC's vibrant core dating back to the 1940's. Today Epoch strives to invigorate emerging urban markets as a placemaker; acquiring, recycling, partnering and  developing hip, rough and honest buildings, with an historic, walkable vibrant core focus. 

We are transforming the charming Delaware and Baltimore neighborhoods into urban loft living, creative flex offices, makerspaces, indoor/outdoor event venues, and incubators to meet community needs in transit-oriented neighborhoods.  Join our Ecosystem today!


Epoch also denotes the urgency we all must embrace in understanding the global ecosystem.  We approach this from a natural resource/energy perspective and believe suburban sprawl is unsustainable, unhealthy and isolating.

We write the intro; you explore and write the rest.





Vintage Buildings


Great Partners


Square Feet

A few of our ecosystem partners we promote!  Join us and leave nothing to chance!



Got Questions?

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 720.242.9390 or fill out the form

HQ Office             KC Office

1601 Arapahoe #1100

Denver, CO 80202

Tel: 720.242.9390

Urgency: 316.361.6530

509 Delaware, #103

Kansas City, MO 64105

Tel: 816.621-2200

Urgency: 816.621.2200

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Wichita Artist Lofts
Commerce St urban lofts and artist studio rentals
Crossroads Creative
KC Crossroads creative offices and lower level alley retail. 210Studio
Historic 9th
KCClub Event Resort
LaRue Baltimore
309 Delaware
310 Delaware
412 Delaware
509 Delaware
510 Delaware
Delaware Landing
Martini Corner
Union Hill lofts, Martini Corner living, restaurants. 31Levy
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