31Levy I/II



Martini Corner - a hip and upcoming array of fine pubs and neighborhood restaurants serving north Hyde Park / Union Hill.


Union Hill - named after merger of the Town of Kansas on the river and West Port to the south.  Union Hill is now midtown KC and an emerging higher density vibe with restaurants, bars, coffee/cafes as a community unto its own.


Levy Brothers - the building's original moniker and owners who operated an interesting integrated meat packing, bakery and deli


Velvet Freeze - The next custodian and known for its homemade ice creams and counter service. 


Adaptive re-use: 


Epoch offers 31Levy as an innovative Transit Oriented Design project of live/work spaces within the Martini Corner.


31Levy plans include a 120-loft adaption of old and new with very affordable studio, 1-2 bedroom units. Tenant amenities include: storage, balconies, walk-out patios, living wall courtyards, private alleys, a new bus stop, and a bike storage / washing / maintenance station.


Epoch is recruiting for additional transit and restaurant partners. Click here for leasing information. 


Coming in 2018.